EndoSound® and AdaptivEndo Partner to Revolutionize Endoscopy with Groundbreaking Technologies

  • EndoSound® and AdaptivEndo sign letter of intent to expedite innovation in endoscopy.
  • Jointly completed first milestone animal trial including use of the first-ever simultaneous EUS/ERCP device.
  • Collaboration will provide even safer options and more accessible solutions for patient and healthcare providers.

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EndoSound, a pioneer in endoscopic ultrasound technology (EUS), and AdaptivEndo, a leader in single-use endoscopy solutions, are proud to announce their letter of intent to collaborate on a new groundbreaking project that aims to transform the landscape of endoscopy. These two innovative companies have come together to expand EndoSound’s novel ultrasound technology into the single-use endoscopy space, thus improving patient safety and increasing access to care.

“The successful in-vivo lab represents a significant leap forward in the field of endoscopy”

The collaboration between EndoSound and AdaptivEndo recently reached a significant milestone with the successful completion of an in-vivo porcine animal lab. During this trial, the teams demonstrated their ability to perform EUS with a single-use AdaptivEndo gastroscope and an AdaptivEndo duodenoscope. This achievement marked a historic moment as the first-ever simultaneous EUS/ERCP procedure using a singular EUS/ERCP device.

EUS is a vital diagnostic and therapeutic tool in gastroenterology. Traditionally, EUS procedures have been performed with reusable endoscopes, which presents challenges related to infection control, sterilization, and access to care. Part of EndoSound’s mission is to make EUS safer and more accessible as exemplified in its elimination of difficult to clean moving parts (elevator) and delivering a product at a fraction of current costs. By integrating EndoSound’s cutting-edge ultrasound technology into single-use endoscopes, this collaboration aims to bring these efforts further and offer an even safer and more accessible solution for patients and healthcare providers.

“The successful in-vivo lab represents a significant leap forward in the field of endoscopy,” said Dr. Steve Steinberg, CEO of EndoSound. “We are thrilled to partner with AdaptivEndo, a company known for its dedication to innovation and patient safety. Together, we envision a future where healthcare professionals can perform EUS procedures confidently and conveniently with single-use equipment, further expanding patient access and ultimately improving outcomes.”

AdaptivEndo’s President, Ed Fancher, shared similar sentiments: “Our collaboration with EndoSound signifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of endoscopic technology. By combining our expertise in single-use endoscopy with EndoSound’s revolutionary ultrasound technology, we aim to accelerate the time to market for both of our cutting-edge technologies. This partnership will reshape the endoscopy landscape, making advanced procedures more accessible and safer for patients.”

This collaboration is set to transform the field of endoscopy, addressing key challenges and bringing state-of-the-art technologies to healthcare facilities worldwide. With their shared vision of enhancing patient care and safety, EndoSound and AdaptivEndo are poised to make a lasting impact on the gastrointestinal community.

About EndoSound: EndoSound, Inc., is a privately held company based in Portland, Oregon. EndoSound is dedicated to expanding access to endoscopic ultrasound technology around the world. With its patented design, EndoSound transforms an upper endoscope into a fully functional EUS scope. It is comprised of an experienced team of scientists, engineers, clinicians, and seasoned business professionals with a track record of bringing new medical devices to market.

About AdaptivEndo: AdaptivEndo is a pioneer in single-use endoscopy solutions, offering a range of innovative products designed to improve patient safety and streamline medical procedures. The company is dedicated to making advanced endoscopic technology accessible to healthcare professionals worldwide, with a focus on enhancing patient outcomes and infection control.


Josh Cohn for EndoSound

Ed Fancher for AdaptivEndo